Expro Provides Innovative BOP/Riser Inspection Service

Leading international oilfield services company Expro today announced a comprehensive service to provide subsea operators with a firsthand view of some of their most critical underwater assets. The service uses Expro’s Multi-Finger Caliper and ViewMax Down Hole Camera systems to provide images and data to view and monitor the integrity of BOPs, casing and risers.

Expro has deployed the Multi-Finger Caliper for years and has completed hundreds of well inspections with the ViewMax Downhole Camera systems. Using the two proven technologies together provides a visual and a mechanical inspection of the wells. “Now more than ever the integrity of marine risers and BOPs is top-of-mind for subsea asset operators,” said Geoff Magie, VP North America Offshore Region, Expro. “Expro has packaged some of its most successful wireline intervention technologies to provide a robust BOP/riser inspection service that can provide unprecedented visibility into the integrity of the assets. This visibility equates to peace of mind for our subsea customers.”

The first component of the BOP/riser inspection service, the Expro Multi-Finger Caliper, can provide data to accurately monitor the integrity of casing or marine risers in varying sizes in diameter. It is the only caliper on the market with fully mechanical, simultaneous, independent and continuous readings from all of the feelers. The Multi-Finger Caliper also includes applications for deformation analysis, casing wear, and corrosion assessment. The second component of the BOP/riser inspection service, the Expro ViewMax Down Hole Camera system, can be deployed in a well to conduct visual riser and BOP inspections. The camera has the capability to provide a down view as well as a side view, and can switch back and forth between the two. In addition, the ViewMax Down Hole Camera can be run on standard e-line or fiber optic line for full-time, full-motion video. The camera collects each image in 1.1 seconds on e-line and collects 30 frames per second through fibre.


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