European HMI Hardware Vendor of the Year Award

Award-winning excellence

Our unique way of working has given us a unique place among HMI suppliers. In November 2005, Beijer Electronics was rated the number one supplier of HMI hardware according to machine builders, system integrators and end users.

Success where it matters most
The study involved machine builders and end users of HMI hardware throughout Europe, and over 750 ratings for 19 suppliers were submitted. Suppliers were ranked according to product reliability, product ease of use, technical support, user manuals and more.

The respondents were also asked to rank the categories themselves, and these preferences were used in weighting the results. Beijer Electronics received the highest overall ranking by a clear margin, as well as topping the key categories of product reliability, product ease of use and technical support.

The 2005 HMI Hardware Vendor Awards are sponsored by IMS Resarch, an independent industrial automation market research company, and the award was determined by an industry benchmarking study, conducted in association with Thomas Industrial Media.


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