Enea to Support Next Generation Freescale Advanced Multiprocessing Series of QorIQ® Processors

Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced that the company will support the next generation Advanced Multi-Processing Series (AMP) of Freescale Semiconductor QorIQ® embedded multicore processors. Enea support will focus on its award-winning Enea OSE® Multicore Edition Realtime Operating System, Enea® Hypervisor and the Enea® Optima Development Suite. For developers of high-bandwidth applications like wired and wireless communications equipment, military systems, video distribution and many others, Enea software will not only deliver a powerful and scalable development platform, but will also unlock the full range of advanced features in the AMP family including hardware accelerators and power management.

“Manufacturers of communications equipment and other bandwidth intensive applications are demanding more performance from multicore processors,” said Marcus Hjortsberg, vice president of marketing at Enea. “In response, Freescale has taken the QorIQ family to the next level. We are excited to be able to support their latest offering with what we expect will be deepest level of integration in the industry.”

“We are excited to once again be working with Enea to deliver integrated multicore hardware/software platforms that meet the demanding requirements of tomorrow’s communications equipment,” said Brett Butler, vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Networking Processor Division. “Enea’s realtime software platforms optimize the performance and power efficiency of our highly advanced QorIQ AMP series of processors. Enea’s support for the platform is great news for our shared customers.”

The QorIQ AMP product line is designed to deliver optimized flexibility, performance and power management. Built around the new multi-threaded, 64-bit Power Architecture® e6500 core, the AMP series will scale from single core to 24 virtual core devices. The e6500 will incorporate the AltiVec® vector processing unit for high-bandwidth processing applications. Additionally, hardware accelerators and co-processing engines will give developers a wealth of options for packet, protocol and security acceleration. Freescale’s “cascading power management” technology ensures a fine-tuned power management framework for cores and processing units.

Enea’s runtime software and tools are tightly integrated with Freescale’s QorIQ family of multicore processors. At the heart of Enea’s offering is the Enea OSE Multicore Edition RTOS that features a unique hybrid kernel design that combines the ease-of-use properties of symmetric multi-processing (SMP) and the high-performance capabilities of asymmetric multi-processing (AMP). OSE has been designed to take advantage of Freescale software and hardware technology to deliver the utmost in integration, performance and programmability. The Enea Hypervisor fully utilizes the QorIQ hardware virtualization support, while the Enea Optima development environment works seamlessly with the Freescale CodeWarrior® tool suite offering a complete end-to-end development experience. Optima’s system level debugging functionality offers a profound level of visibility into multicore systems. Optima captures detailed logs from each core which can be synchronized and visualized in 2D and 3D for finding difficult bugs or establishing optimum performance levels.


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