Economical AC-DC Switching Power Supplies "PLA300F/600F Series" Launched by COSEL

COSEL introduces a new economical enclosed type AC-DC switching power supply, the PLA series.
This series has the same reliability as our existing hi-end model, however, the cost effectiveness would
also be huge for many industrial, LED sign, automation and test & measurement applications.

The PLA series has been designed with streamlined functions and smart circuits as basic concept. As
for reliability, all electrolytic capacitors have 105degC rating, and built-in fan lifetime is 50,000H at
60degC. Therefore, the power supply's lifetime will be long enough (Warranty: 3years). Depending on
usage, lifetime is possible to exceed 10 years or more. As for other features, the external size is very
smart because the profile is very low; PLA300F is 41mm (1.61inch), so it can be mounted in 1U
height rack (PLA600F: 61mm). Also we offer some semi-standard models in the PLA series.

Conformal coating for outside usage, low leakage current for medical equipment, input voltage dip
withstand for semiconductor manufacturing are available. The line-up is very useful in various
markets and applications. The new PLA series offers good cost effectiveness and high reliability for
your system.


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