Easy Bus Bar Configuration in Compact Enclosures

Modular 60mm busbar systems in compact enclosures from Rittal can now also be configured with the new 6.0 version of the "Rittal Power Engineering" planning software. The extended assembly plan function helps in configuring the 60-mm busbar systems, simplifies the assignment of the material, and reduces assembly time.

Rittal has extended the application range of its Power Engineering planning software in the new 6.0 version. This way, industrial 60 mm busbar systems can also now be configured in Rittal compact enclosures. Product data stored includes the compact AE and CM and plastic CS enclosures, as well as the free-standing ES 5000 enclosures. The compact AE is available both in the sheet steel version (IP 66 protection category) as well as in the IP 69K and stainless steel version. The free-standing ES 5000 enclosure can also be configured in a stainless steel version. Depending on the enclosure system, different versions of base/plinth, gland/roof plates, and doors can be chosen. In addition, the user can configure any enclosure, if desired, with a variety of accessories such as enclosure lights, heating systems and alternative locking options.

Once the enclosure has been selected, and after entering the necessary parameters, the Rittal RiLine60 busbar system can be selected and positioned while configuring the busbar. Flat bar systems up to 30x10 mm in size and all the PLS busbar systems suitable for top mounting are available. In addition, PE/PEN/N busbar systems and cable ducts can be configured.

During device configuration, the selected busbar systems or mounting plates can be mounted with RiLine60 components. The dynamic busbar support arrangement ensures that the maximum busbar support spacing is always adhered to.

The power loss values for components, busbar systems and the complete enclosure can be determined by a power loss calculation, which can then serve as the basis for a climate control calculation using Rittal's "Therm" software. In addition, a rated current calculation of the unit and a reserve space calculation of the busbar system can be performed to provide evidence of end-user requirements.

The assembly planning function for Ri4Power units has been extended and adjusted for RiLine60. the positioning of the busbar systems and mounting plate devices is shown, as is the assignment of the components by article number. Besides saving assembly time, the automatically generated assembly plan supports the simple and exact assignment of the articles ordered for an enclosure or a workplace in the process of job preparation.

After developing and successfully launching the first fully graphic configuration tool for applications in 2010, with the Rittal TS 8 control cabinet and the Rittal RiLine60 busbar system in 2010, the manufacturer extended the scale of the application with a software upgrade.


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