DS Series Combined Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch & Display

The DS range of pressure transmitter, switch and display  combination is a three-in-one multi-function pressure sensor with signal conditioning which gives a current or voltage output signal, 1, 2 or 4 x independent PNP transistor switch outputs and a freely scalable and programmable led rotatable display!  The potential for this device is a complete control system in a single device, cutting installation and equipment costs and configuration to your exact control requirements.

With pressure ranges spanning from 10mbar on the DS 210 through to 600 bar on the DS 200 within the DS series we should be able to cover all requirements on air pressure measurement and liquid pressure sensing alike.  The DS range will cover your requirements for an air pressure transmitter, oil pressure transmitter, hydraulic pressure transmitter and also if it’s just a simple pressure switch that you require then this device will solve that requirement also.

There are several options available within the range including:
  1. ATEX certification
  2. 1, 2 or 4 switch points
  3. analogue output in either 4-20mA, voltage or none!
  4. electrical connection
  5. process connection type
There’s also the option for a 3-wire 4-20mA configuration which allows for re-calibration of the 4-20mA output signal, not only is the display scalable, the output is also!

The digital LED display on the device is freely rotatable through 2-axis so you will always be able to see the display clearly.  If installed on a vertical pipe horizontally then simply rotate the display through the body until it is face on and then rotate it on the display part so the readings are horizontal.  The brightness is also adjustable depending on the environment you are installing to.


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