DrDAQ Low-Cost Educational Data Logger

DrDAQ is a low-cost data logger that simply plugs into the USB port of any Windows PC.

DrDAQ has built in sensors for light, temperature and sound. It can also measure voltage and resistance. In addition it has a socket for standard pH electrodes and connectors that allow the use of optional external sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure and more.

Supplied complete with software and cables, the DrDAQ is ideal for classroom science experiments.
  •   Very low cost
  •   Built in sensors for light, temperature and sound (level and waveforms)
  •   Measure pH — just plug in any standard pH electrode
  •   Measure voltages and resistances
  •   Sockets for external sensors (temperature, humidity etc)
  •   Use DrDAQ to capture fast signals (eg sound waveforms)
  •   Outputs for control experiments
  •   Simply plug in to your PC and measure


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