DNA-DIO-462 Guardian™ 12-Channel Form C Relay Output Board

The DNA-DIO-462 and DNR-DIO-462 are 12 channel, electromechanical relay boards designed for use with UEI’s “Cube” and RACKtangle chassis respectively. Electronically, they are identical. Relays are in a Form C (SPDT) configuration and are rated for continuous operation at 2 A at 30 VDC, or 0.75 Amp at 125 VAC. Contacts are rated for 100 million operations. The board provides an on resistance of less than 200 milliohms and update rates up to 125 Hz.

The DIO-462 is part of UEI’s Guardian series. It not only controls the relay outputs, it provides a powerful output monitoring capability. An on-board A/D converter allows you to monitor DC output voltages (relative to the common terminal) and AC or DC output current. This allows the application to detect short and open circuits as well as other “suspicious behavior”. The monitoring capability is also a powerful diagnostic tool allowing a repair technician to quickly and accurately identify damaged, or mis-wired channels.

The Guardian advantage also includes programmable overcurrent protection. The user may select the overload current while the duration of overload required before the channel is shut down is one second. Each board provides 350 VDC isolation between channels, as well as between the board, cube and other installed I/O boards.

All connections are made through 37-pin D connectors ensuring mating cables or connectors are readily available. Users may also use the DNA-STP-37 screw terminal panel via DNA-CBL-37 or -37S series cables.

The DNx-DIO-462 includes software drivers supporting all popular operating systems including: Windows, Linux, QNX, VXWorks, RTX, and other popular Real-Time Operating Systems. Our UEIDAQ Framework provides Windows users a simple and complete software interface to all popular programming languages and data acquisition and control applications (e.g. LabVIEW, DASYLab, MATLAB).


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