Digital Power Corporation Announces its New MicroTCA 600 Watt AC Product

Digital Power (NYSE/Amex: DPW) announces the release of its new MicroTCA 600 watt AC product, the PS-1138, an AC-DC, double–width, full-size (6 HP) MicroTCA compliant power module. The Digital Power PS-1138 is a high-power AC module designed for use in any MicroTCA enclosure. It serves as the interface between its MicroTCA system and the system power source. The PS-1138 supports shelves, cubes, and other implementations, and complies with the PICMG MicroTCA.0 Revision 1.0 specification. 
The PS-1138 accepts and conditions input power and provides functionality for powering, managing, protecting against faults, and limiting power consumptions of a MicroTCA system. The unit includes 12 AdvancedMCs, 2 carrier hubs (MCHs) to control and manage power, and 2 cooling units (CUs). 

Rated at 600 W of output power, the PS-1138 supports fully populated MicroTCA systems, implements power conversion functionality, and provides 16 pairs of payload power outputs. It also features power management features to monitor and manage over/under voltage and over current. The PS-1138 power modules support advanced energy management, monitoring and diagnostic functionality, software updating, and reconfiguration. Each payload output channel can be programmed individually for current limit with load specific values and configured as a primary, backup, or disabled channel.

Hot swappable and fully redundant operation coupled with extremely high efficiency and a wide operating temperature range make Digital Power MicroTCA PS-1138 power modules ideally suited for almost any MicroTCA application.

Key features of the PS-1138 include the following:

• 600 W output power
• 16 channels of 12 V @ 7.6 A; 16 channels of 3.3 V @ 150 mA
• Hot swappable and N+1 output redundancy
• Monitors and reports power system status
• Manages and isolates faults affecting the power system
• Provides protection against overload, short circuit, over voltage, and over temperature
• Provides power necessary for MCH and CU system elements on system bring-up
• Supports redundant IPMI (IPMB-0) communication with the MCH/carrier-manager
• Enables and provides power to AMCs, CUs, and additional MCHs
• Includes an Enhanced Module Management Controller Using two IPMBs (IPMB-A and IPMB-B)
• Meets Class B conducted emission standards
• Compliant with MicroTCA chassis standard


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