Delcam to Show Latest Inspection Software at GTMA Metrology Event

Delcam will demonstrate the latest release of its PowerINSPECT inspection software at the GTMA Make Measurement Matter event to be held at Donington Park on 19th October.  More than 30 other exhibitors will participate, including the leading metrology companies in the UK. The new version of PowerINSPECT is the first that can be used on 64-bit computers.  Other enhancements include improved visualisation of the results, easier creation of automated inspection routines, full integration of DRO (Digital Read-Out) functionality and support for the latest Renishaw probes.

PowerINSPECT is firmly established as the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software.  It combines the ability to work with all types of inspection device with a comprehensive range of inspection routines for making simple measurements, for inspecting geometric features and for checking complex surfaces.  The resulting reports present detailed information in easy-to-read formats that can be understood by all engineers, not just inspection specialists.

The introduction of support for 64-bit computers will enable increased memory use on that hardware.  This will be of benefit for more memory-intensive applications where larger CAD files need to be manipulated, especially for very complex parts and multi-component assemblies. Two developments will make it easier to see results from PowerINSPECT.  Firstly, dimensions can now be displayed on the CAD view to give clearer reporting for distances between features.  Secondly, point cloud data can now be shaded.  This gives an immediate impression of the shape of the scan and allows the user to see at a glance whether sufficient data has been collected.  It will also make it easier to select key points or specific areas from within the cloud of data. 

The initial 2011 release of PowerINSPECT added the ability to create automatically a grid of points for an inspection routine.  The R2 version also allows automatic generation of probe paths from curves in CAD models.  The spacing of the measurement points is set to match the control points on the curve. The PowerINSPECT DRO (Digital Read-Out) enables users to view the XYZ coordinates of the measuring device and is a useful tool for ‘marking out,’ or copying required coordinates onto a part.  This is a common task with clay models and is usually achieved with a point probe or scriber on a layout machine.  The DRO previously had to be installed alongside PowerINSPECT as a standalone program but the new release allows it to run inside PowerINSPECT.  This makes the process more seamless and allows the user to take advantage of PowerINSPECT’s alignment functions.

In keeping with Delcam’s philosophy of supporting the latest probing technology, PowerINSPECT can now accept data collected with Renishaw’s new PH20 probe.  This combination allows measurements to be made across all probe angles, rather than simply the incremental angles offered previously.  It also introduces the ability to make rapid ‘head touch’ moves, which use the rotary motion of the probe head to collect the points quickly and accurately, rather than moving the entire machine.


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