Controllers for Stepping Motors

Equipped with program editing and execution functions, the highly-functional and sophisticated SCX10 controller is now available. Use the SCX10 as a stored program controller to connect to any of Oriental Motor's standard pulse input drivers. The SCX10 is also able to control the motor via serial communications such as USB, RS-232C and CANopen.

The SCX10 can store up to 100 programs and execute various operations, from simple movements like "repeated positioning operation” to complicated controls like "operation by calculating the value based on external inputs".

The convenient and easy-to-use PC software, "Immediate Motion Creator for CM/SCX Series", is provided with the SCX10. Easily start an operation with the click of a button or start key by setting the travel amount and speed. The GUI allows for easy program creation by selecting commands from the commands list. Other functions available include; real time monitor for the teaching position, current position and I/O status, system parameter setting, oscilloscope function and I/O assignment.

The SCX10 has a mini USB port on the front panel which can directly connect to a PC through a commercially available mini USB cable. No special cable or converter is required.


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