Contract Manufacturing of Filtration and Separation Products

Drawing on its manufacturing expertise, Porvair Filtration Group, a recognized world leader in the development and supply of materials and OEM products for applications in filtration and separation, offers contract manufacture to a host of markets ranging from life sciences to general industrial.

As a leading manufacturer of sintered porous metal and plastics, Porvair offers a variety of core manufacturing competencies that ensure products meet customer requirements. These include fabrication of materials comprising shape cutting using 2D routing, rotary disc cutting or punching and assembly of products by hand, automation, bonding using heat, adhesives and ultrasonic welding. Facilities for low volume technical molding with all engineering plastics (including PEEK) and an over molding capability are also available. Contract metal furnacing, welding and packing of non-food or non-pharmaceutical products together with laboratory facilities and engineering expertise complete the extensive portfolio of capabilities on offer.

With manufacturing facilities in both Europe and North America - Porvair is able to offer three levels of control designed to meet customer’s regulatory requirements: a 250m2 area Class 8 regulated cleanroom facility ideally suited for assembly and packaging of screening devices found in healthcare, life sciences and laboratories; a 1800m2 clean area offering fabrication, assembly and packaging facilities and a 2000m2 area offering vacuum furnacing, assembly and packaging.

Drawing upon over 30 years’ experience of meeting and exceeding customer requirements - Porvair's manufacturing excellence is achieved through stringent regulatory compliance and on-going commitment to continual improvement. Accredited to ISO 9001, Porvair filtration and separation materials and OEM products comply with ISO, USP and other industry-specific regulatory requirements.


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