Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plant Invests In Porvair Disc Diffusers

Porvair Filtration Group, specialists in filtration and separation, has received a £60,000 initial order to supply a Chinese wastewater treatment plant in Jilin Province with BioVyon™ disc diffusers. Wastewater treatment plants are required to reduce the organic loading prior to discharge into local water courses in a process known as activated sludge. Continuous aeration is key to this process and provides two critical functions - to provide oxygen to feed the aerobic bacteria that decompose organic matter and to stir the effluent to ensure that it is homogeneous for efficient oxygenation.

Faced with treating 12 tons of effluent per day, the WWTP in Jilin Province selected Porvair's proven  BioVyon disc diffusers to provide a uniform distribution of air bubbles with good oxygen transfer in the activated sludge process process.  Chosen for its low operating costs and high oxygenation transfer efficiency (4-6kg Oxygen /kWh) the Porvair BioVyon™ disc diffuser is composed of porous polyethylene making it virtually unbreakable under normal transport, installation and operating conditions.  Easily retrofitted to existing installations the lightweight BioVyon™ disc diffuser assembly is proven highly resistant to fouling and chemical attack.

Porvair have developed an extensive range of diffused aeration porous plastic filtration products, available in fine and coarse bubble grades,  for the treatment of both industrial and municipal effluent. The company's diffused aeration products have been designed to provide high oxygen transfer efficiency and can be  supplied as a disc only, with or without a seal, or as a complete assembly with the ability to be easily retrofitted into existing installations. Supported by a strong research and development team, the technical expertise and capability of Porvair Filtration Group ensures that the company maintains its position at the forefront of clean water filter technology, enabling it to deliver cost effective, reliable clean water solutions tailored to customer requirements.


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