CANremote - Remote Maintenance and Diagnosis for Mobile Machines

In times of globalisation the distances to the customer keep increasing. The costs for the provision of services
are rising; it is more important than ever to minimise downtimes in case of malfunctions. With the CANremote radio gateway, a complete hardware and software package for remote maintenance and diagnosis via CoDeSys for mobile machines is available for the first time.

Via GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio connection, the CANremote radio gateway transfers data of the machine control either to the programming or diagnostic system of the machine manufacturer in real time or to the customer-specific web portal of ifm electronic. The real-time connection allows service staff to access the program code, the debugging and the data of the machine control.

On a predefined internet site, parameters, machine information and position data can be stored and visually represented in a customer and machine-specific manner. For example, functions such as a vehicle and machine overview as well as their tracking via Google Maps® are available.


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