BLV Series Brushless Speed Control System

The BLV Series are compact, DC input brushless motors and drivers with output options of 200 W or 400 W. An extensive variety of motors lets you select the model that best suits your specific application. Available in both standard and electromagnetic brake type.

The maximum motor speed of the BLV Series is 4000 r/min. The speed control range has also expanded to cover velocities from 100 to 4000 r/min (speed ratio of 50:1; measured at the motor shaft), thus allowing you to program operations at various speeds from low to high.

A slim body and high output are two key features of a brushless motor. The BLV Series does not disappoint users expecting these attributes. From its space-saving compact body in a frame size of 4.09 in. (104 mm), the BLV produces a high output from 1/4 HP (200 W) up to 1/2 HP (400 W).

The output shaft can be coupled directly to your drive shaft without using a coupling. The flexible installation modes, such as installation on either the front or rear face or by using the center shaft, allows you to reduce the size and installation space of your equipment. Since no shaft-coupling parts are needed, the part's cost and assembly man-hours will also decrease. 


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