BEKO Technologies Range of Special Condensate Drains

BEKO Technologies are world leaders in condensate management, beyond our standard range of BEKOMAT’S BEKO Technologies offer a number of special condensate drains to suit applications that are not adequately covered by the other products in the market.

BEKOMAT explosion proof models with ATEX approval are designed for use in explosive, hazardous locations such as off shore, chemical plants and power plants to name a few.

The vacuum version of our BEKOMAT condensate drains have been designed specifically for the discharge of condensate or other fluids from vacuum systems. Additionally, these condensate drains can also be used for technical processes under standard atmospheric conditions. They extend the scope of application of BEKOMAT devices to include pressure from 0.1 to 1.8 bar (abs).

In the case of multistage rotary compressors, the condensate from intercoolers must be reliably removed otherwise it will get into the next compressor stage. The consequence: a slug of liquid hitting the impeller. With the BEKOMAT LA/ LALP range damage to the later compressor stages can be prevented.

The BEKOMAT 8 and 9 condensate drains are for large volume compressors. They are particularly used in crude oil installations and refineries, the petrochemical industry and the chemical engineering sector.

High pressure BEKOMAT’S up to 63 bar can also be supplied be BEKO to suit applications in many industries using high pressure compressed air.


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