BEKO Technologies Launch New Range of Filters

BEKO Technologies have launched an upgraded version of their CLEARPOINT filter range. The CLEARPOINT 3E filter elements with 3E being “Energy Efficient Element” covers the range 35-34680 m³/hr at 7 bar with high pressure variants available up to 500 bar.

The innovative new element together with flow optimisation and corrosion protected housings mean that CLEARPOINT offers reliable filtration at significantly reduced operating costs.

The new elements are constructed without binding agents. The new medium, micro-fine borosilicate fibres are thermally fused The high number of fibres with smaller diameter ensures a finer fibre structure giving a separation surface 4 times larger than conventional media and also with a larger void volume.

The CLEARPOINT filter elements: the 3E performance plus

  • Flow -optimised: flow rate higher by up to 30%
  • Energy-optimised pressure difference
  • Improved separation rate
  • High dirt absorption capacity
  • No discharge of solid particles
  • Low flow resistance through an optimised interior and exterior stainless steel supporting cylinder -44% increased free section
  • Tested and validated in accordance with ISO 12500

Result could be up to 10% saving on energy costs


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