Avtron Magnetic Technology Rotary Encoders Distribution Deal

Variohm EuroSensor has added a new range of magnetic technology rotary encoders to its comprehensive position sensor range following a new UK and Ireland distribution agreement with the USA based technology leader, Avtron Industrial Automation Inc.

The agreement brings Avtron's Wide-Gap™ magnetic sensing technology to Variohm providing extremely durable, highly safe and exceptionally reliable solutions for rotary encoders in oil and gas, wind turbines, cranes, mining and many other 'heavy' engineering applications.

As an alternative to optical encoders which can be fragile and damaged by contamination, the wide-gap magnetic technology Avtron rotary encoders can 'see through' dust , dirt water, oil and grease. The non-contacting technology uses a rotor system with radial north and south pole inserts and a stationary, magnetoresisitive sensor. Version are available as separate rotor/stator units without bearings or as fully housed and sealed assemblies for severe duty use complete with support bearings. Diagnostics can be built into the assembly allowing users to remotely identify problems before costly shutdown is required.

Avtron's latest hollow-shaft magnetic encoder, the XT45, is aimed at offshore oil-rig position sensing applications. It has a 5000 ppr resolution with full quadrature A,B and Z channel output - and boasts a severe duty specification that includes a shock rating to 300 g, vibration to 20 g in any direction with an operational temperature range from -40º C to +100º C. The labyrinth sealed encoder is rated to IP67 and a polyurethane enamel paint finish shrugs off dirt, oil, mild acid and salt water contamination. It has universal 5...24 V operation, a self diagnostic alarm output and is fully protected from wiring problems and surges.

Variohm EuroSensor designs, develops and sources a comprehensive range of position, load, force, vibration and other sensor technologies, and provides complete pre-sale and post-sale application support for demanding measurement applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction, autosports, and research.


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