AquaLab Series 4 TE

New for 2009, the Series 4TE is the most recent development of AquaLab. As with its predecessors, measurements are fast (less than 5 minutes) and accurate to +/- 0.003 aW. The Series 4 features a open sensor block design to allow easy sampling.

The Series 4 TE allows users to pre-define the sampling temperature using the keypad on the front of the instrument. Temperatures of between 15 and 50 degrees C can be set to allow samples to be warmed or cooled to with 0.2 deg C. The new design of AquaLab also features internal data storage allowing measurements to be taken, safely recorded and then downloaded to PC. Using the AquaLink Report Generator Software, measurements can be organised and viewed (in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11) and the user can creat reports based on the pertinent information.


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