Achieve 1/16 Microstepping with NPAD10BF Driver Board

Nippon Pulse’s NPAD10BF board is a bipolar chopper drive that offers up to 1/16 microstepping on two-phase tin-can, linear, and hybrid stepper motors. The NPAD10BF is designed to accept lead wires and can also be mounted directly to the back of NEMA 17 hybrid motors using two pre-machined mounting holes.

In addition to a 1/16 microstepping mode, the NPAD10BF also offers full, half, and 1/4 excitation modes.
Other features of the NPAD10BF drive board include an input voltage range of 12~30Vdc, a peak output current of 1.2A/phase, isolated input signals (Pulse, Dir, Enable, and Reset), an on-board switching voltage regulator, an automatic current reduction function, and a reset for sequence and disenable.

A compact and cost-efficient board, the NPAD10Bf measures 43.34mm x 43.43mm x 18.4mm.


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