AC Solar Connectors for Large Cross-Sections

RST 25ix multipole circular connectors from Wieland Electric for the AC part of photovoltaic systems can be used as standard for conductor cross-sections of up to 6 mm². In the past, this was limited to conductor cross-sections of up to 4 mm².

RST 25i3 three-pole connectors are available as of now. The RST 25i5 five-pole version will be launched in the 4th quarter 2011. Compatibility with our existing successful version will be ensured at all times. For even higher cross-sections up to 16 mm², the new RST 50i5 is available. This will be in stock from July 2011 with VDE approval.

 With 6 mm² cables, RST 25i3 three-pole AC Solar connectors can now carry currents up to 32 A, while RST 25i5 five-pole Solar connectors can carry up to 25 A per phase, both at voltages of 230 V or 230/400 V.

With the option of connecting larger cross-sections, it is possible to further reduce the transmission loss between the inverter(s) and mains supply point. On the one hand, the installation engineer is happy to select the largest possible cross-sections, because the transmission paths on the AC side in some PV systems can be up to 50 meters and can lead to cable loss. On the other hand, the type of cable bundle used in cable ducts has a considerable influence on the conductor cross-section to be used, because if there are too many cables with a low cross-section in the duct, there is a risk of impermissible warming.

Solar connectors that can be assembled in the field are mechanically keyed so that they cannot be incorrectly connected in other applications with RST connectors. Their connector color is concrete gray. They are available with screw-type connection technology. On the AC side, the connectors provide direct connection to the mains or, where there are multiple inverters, to the pluggable main distributors, which are used to collect the PV current and supply it to the mains. The connectors can be assembled very simply and therefore keep installation times to a minimum. This offers an advantage during initial installation, and also ensures that maintenance or repairs can be completed quickly.

RST 25ix Solar connectors are approved in accordance with IEC 61535.


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