5'x13' Water Jet Table Ideal for Machine Shops, Fabricators, Stone & Tile Shops

We proudly introduce the new Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry Model MR513 water jet cutting machine!

Capable of processing material up to 5'x13', the Mid Rail Gantry Model MR513 water jet cutting machine is sized especially for fabricators, machine shops and stone and tile shops. It cuts complex parts from virtually any material without creating a heat-affected zone (HAZ).

The Mid Rail Gantry comes standard with one abrasivejet cutting head. A second cutting head can be added to increase productivity. Optional mirroring makes it possible to cut large parts twice as fast. Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet systems are available in a wide range of work envelopes, from 5'x5' to 24'x13'.

Mid Rail Gantry water jets utilize an industrial PC controller and can be configured so that all three axes are fully programmable (Z optional). They feature direct-couple AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Critical bearing components are protected with heavy metal covers with brush seals.

The Mid Rail Gantry is powered by a Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pump. Jet Edge has the widest range of waterjet pumps on the market, from 25-280hp, including 36KSI (2500 bar), 60KSI (4100 bar) and 90KSI (6200 bar) models. Electric and diesel pumps are available.

Jet Edge's Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet System is proudly made in the U.S.A.


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