Toshiba Electronics Develops Miniature White LEDs

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced three high-brightness, miniature white LEDs to allow designers to deliver high-efficiency solid-state solutions for a range of lighting applications. With a drive current of 350mA, the TL12W03-D white, TL12W03-L warm white and TL12W03-N neutral white LEDs deliver high typical luminous flux ratings of 90 lumens, 75 lumens and 100 lumens respectively. As a result, they offer high-efficiency, high-reliability alternatives to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulb technologies in general lighting designs.

The LEDs are supplied in miniature surface-mount packages with dimensions of just 10.5mm x 5mm x 2.1mm. All of the devices will operate at temperatures between -40C and 100C, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. As with other models in Toshiba's LED range, the package technology has been designed to ensure a low thermal resistance. This ensures improved heat dissipation characteristics, which simplifies thermal management in the target lighting design. All of these LEDs are rated for a maximum forward current (IF) of 500mA and a typical forward voltage (VF) at 350mA of 3.3V. Maximum power dissipation for the LEDs is rated at 1.95W.


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