GE Launches High-Performance LV Switchgear

The modular SEN Plus range of LV switchgear from GE Power Controls has been designed to offer flexibility, reliability and safety for building, machinery, process industry and utilities applications. The successor to the GEA Plus range, SEN Plus delivers low voltage solutions and incorporates several new features. The switchboard is fully tested and compliant with the latest IEC61439 standard to 100kA.

It is also certified to IEC6164 for internal arc faults to limit the arc to the point of origin. It integrates GE's complete Entelliguard range of air circuit breakers from 400 to 6,300A. Other features include compact design, rigid frame construction, simple cabling and easy and safe operation. SEN Plus meets high manufacturing standards and components are fully RoHS compliant. It is also accredited to ISO14001, ISO9001 and Six Sigma.


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