Prima Open House To Feature Sheet Metal Cutting

Prima Finn-Power's range of sheet metal cutting and processing solutions to be demonstrated at the forthcoming Mach 2010 exhibition will be showcased at a series of open house events. These events will take place at the company's technical centre in Italy on 26-27 March. Products on display will include the company's FB (Fastbend) manually loaded high-speed bender, the E5x servo electric turret punch press and the Zaphiro 2D laser cutter.

The Fastbend applies Prima Finn-Power's experience in servo electric technology to provide accuracy and productivity for manual bending operations. Developed as a replacement for traditional press brakes, the Fastbend allows more bends on each side of the component as part of an automated sequence, without the need for manual intervention or adjustment. It offers both rolling or circular bending modes, along with automatic tool change and barcode reader options.

Automatic setup and a self-learn capability are included alongside Fastbend's controls to ensure simple operation and minimum machine downtime. Fastbend is said to offer a low environmental impact with its efficient energy use, reduced tooling costs, minimal noise and vibration levels all contributing to the machine's low overall installation, running and maintenance costs. Similar attributes are also offered by Prima Finn-Power's latest servo electric punch press, the E5x. The E5x has been designed to provide manufacturing versatility and simple programming.

Capable of producing components from 2.5m sheets without repositioning, the machine can punch 700 holes per minute with a maximum force of 23 tonnes. The E5x also features Prima Finn-Power's Tulus Lite user interface, USB and Ethernet data transfer, and open architecture logic and motion control for precision punching performance. The Zaphiro is Prima Finn-Power's latest high-capability 2D laser machine. Incorporating linear motors, an advanced CNC controller and the company's Perfect Cut system, the Zaphiro provides cutting speeds of up to 240m/min.

The Perfect Cut system allows real-time monitoring of cutting quality and automatic correction of machine parameters. The Zaphiro stores a sample cutting piece for each material and thickness in its CNC controller. In operation, the machine detects differences to the 'perfect cut', and automatically applies adjustments to bring the quality back to the required standard. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted by the operator - safeguarding the production of acceptable quality parts, while also eliminating expensive scrap and rework costs.

The Zaphiro's latest evolution laser head also incorporates a new F axis with higher dynamics and longer stroke, to ensure cycle-time reductions and cutting quality. Other metal cutting developments on show at the open house events include Prima Finn-Power's latest advances in fibre-laser technology. Offering high output power and efficiency, coupled with compact size and reliability, fibre lasers provide major manufacturing productivity and operating benefits, particularly on lighter gauge materials.

The use of flexible optical fibres on these next-generation machines enables the light beam to be delivered to a moveable focusing element, further improving performance and minimising maintenance downtime. Fibre-laser technology is already available as an option on the company's Syncrono 2D laser cutters and will be demonstrated at the open house events on a Platino 2D sheet metal machine.

Prima Finn-Power's combination laser cutting and punch press machinery will also be showcased at the technical centre. Examples of the company's automated work handling, storage and flexible manufacturing solutions will be on display, including the Night Train concept. This FMS system not only provides optimised 'lights-out' running capabilities, but also underlines the company's end-to-end solutions and consultancy services.


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