Syfer Extends Multilayer Chip Capacitor Range

Syfer Technology has extended its range of 100 and 200V X7R surface-mount multilayer chip capacitors (MLCCs). As a result, double the capacitance is delivered in the same size package as previously. An area targeted for improvement is the wet process, where the wet ceramic and electrodes are printed layer by layer under automatic computer control.

Greater control through automation, over all parts of the manufacturing cycle, has contributed to capacitance values. The improved MLCC ranges, now with voltages up to 200V in the X7R dielectric, are suitable for applications in power supplies, DC/DC converters, automotive and aerospace equipment.

They are also available with Flexicap terminations using Syfer's flexible epoxy polymer termination material, which makes these devices considerably more resistant to damage through bending or flexing, and when under stress and temperature cycling extremes. The devices are fully RoHS compliant, although tin-lead finish parts are available for industries exempt from the directive.


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