Alpeco Fits Bottom-Loading Skids At Barton Depots

The four depots of Barton Petroleum, a supplier of fuels and lubricants to industry, farmers and domestic users, have been fitted with Alpeco bottom-loading skids. The ISO 9001-accredited company is headquartered in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, and operates from four locations, one of which is its depot in Oakley, Bedfordshire. Barton Petroleum is an authorised distributor for Conocophillips, which is better known in the UK as Jet.

The latest installation of Alpeco bottom-loading skids was at the Oakley depot, where the company wanted to improve safety and efficiency levels. Originally a top-loading facility, it has now been transformed by the introduction of the Alpeco-supplied and -installed three-arm bottom-loading skid, which has improved the depot layout and reduced tanker loading time while enhancing operator safety. The skid, which was designed and built by Alpeco, was delivered to the site on time and was installed, commissioned and working within one week.

Operational disruption was minimised by keeping the existing top-load facility fully operational until the new skid came into service. The skids supplied by Alpeco to Barton Petroleum incorporate all the necessary safety and technical features required to provide a safe, reliable and economic solution for filling road tankers. The framework of the new bottom-loading skids is designed from a heavy-grade galvanised-steel channel, angle and plate for maximum longevity even in harsh operating conditions and climates. A variety of delivery flow rates, up to 2,400LPM, can be achieved thanks to the efficient pumping systems being used.

Accurate liquid-control flowmeters offering accuracy better than 0.15 per cent ensure that all fuel is accounted for. All Alpeco skid units are built to comply with the necessary safety standards and ATEX requirements. While the site modifications were under way, Alpeco also supplied and installed a centralised secure offloading point for tankers delivering to the depot. A steel enclosure houses dedicated fill points for each storage tank while a 'bunded tank' below contains spillage, which can be emptied using an electric pump.

Additional security is afforded by a lockable roller shutter door. In addition to investment at Oakley, the company has also acquired two four-wheeled tankers built by Maidment Tankers. Both are fully equipped with Alpeco tank and metering equipment along with the TE550 Checkmate system control module.


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