Eurotech Provides High-Capacity NAS Device

Eurotech has announced availability of the DuraNAS 1000 rugged Network Attached Storage (NAS). The DuraNAS 1000 provides reliable, high-capacity NAS to IP-based systems installed on rolling stocks, as well as in all applications where a rugged device designed for harsh environment is required. It is suited to complement the DuraCOR-NVR video recording system by providing expandable and removable mass storage for compressed video data.

The DuraNAS 1000 is a network device that can be accessed from anywhere the network is accessible, even from remote locations. An Ethernet interface to mass storage is a reliable interconnection technology in harsh environment applications where EMC and immunity to electromagnetic interference are key requirements. Long cables are supported and the inherent insulation of Ethernet increases the operational reliability of the DuraNAS 1000 compared to other technologies, such as USB2.0. A high-performance NAS controller chip is used to bridge two 2.5in form factor SATA HDDs to a 10/100Mb Ethernet interface.

Extensive measures have been taken to ensure reliable operation under all conditions and compatibility with internationally respected standards. The sealed Ethernet I/O connector, a Power Over Ethernet (POE) power supply and a compact rugged mechanical enclosure increase field reliability. The Eurotech NAS system is intended to be used together with an external DuraCOR NVR and provides storage for up to 30 days of compressed video. Two DuraNAS 1000s can be joined for redundancy or capacity expansion.


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