ITT Fibre-Optic Connectors Suit Harsh Environments

ITT Interconnect Solutions has launched the PHD 38999 range of fibre-optic connectors. According to the company, this interconnect system is suitable for harsh environments that could group multiple fibre-optic terminations in a rugged circular connector profile with precision alignment and optical performance features. Initially developed for high-speed backplane systems for telecommunications switching, the PHD termination and connector system delivers a high-density package with good optical signal transmission performance, according to the company.

Providing a common solution for all fibre sizes, ITT-ICS also designed the PHD system for packaging flexibility, making it suitable for many Mil Spec and standard connector envelopes - both circular and rectangular. The PHD product range is available as complete, custom, fibre-optic cable assemblies. Suitable for demanding harsh-environment applications, including defence, avionics and tactical communications, PHD metal connectors are compatible with M38999 outside dimensions and feature an all-metallic back shell with a sealing grommet and a removable alignment insert assembly. Sizes 20, 24, 28 and 36 are available and a shielding kit is included.


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