Avalue Enhances EPS-AT270 For Harsh Conditions

Avalue has released the EPS-AT270-2PCI rugged box PC. The EPS-AT270-2PCI has two extra PCI card slots, satisfies all demands in industrial fields and is suitable for use in extreme environments. The fanless structure is based on air-flow theory; cold air entering the computer pushes the hot air generated by the system through an outlet. The top part of the chassis contains passive aluminium heat-dissipation fins, reducing material wastage and prolonging product lifetime.

The EPS-AT270-2PCI can withstand industrial operation environments of -15C and +60C temperatures. It can also withstand extreme environment conditions and drastic temperature variations depending on the location or region it is placed or used in. The EPS-AT270-2PCI features USB, COM, Express Card, GPIO and especially added PCI slots. These features meet an array of multi-equipment industrial-control connectivity usages.

The sufficient expansions can cope with the versatile connections demanded in industrial fields and meet the customer's needs. Product reliability and stability are certified by industrial product-quality tests, including anti-vibration of up to 5Grms and anti-shock of up to 50Grms tests.

The EPS-AT270 uses the industry-grade Phoenix Type or lockable power-connector plug, and supports a stable nine to 32V input. It is suitable for use in computers in industrial equipment and machines such as lifting gantry and forklift. The computer can also withstand tremors when it is being used on land transportations such as trains, extending and diversifying its applications.


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