Zi-8CH-Synch Kit Enhances Wavemaster 830 Zi 30GHz

Lecroy's Zi-8CH-Synch Oscilloscope Synchronization Kit can combine two oscilloscopes to provide four channels at 30GHz. It is ideal for measurement and analysis of 28 to 56Gb/s IQ modulated signals where ultra-high real-time bandwidth and four channels are required, or for capture and detailed analysis of other technologies. The Zi-8CH-Synch Oscilloscope Synchronization Kit is compatible with all Wavemaster 8 Zi models, so it can be used to create four-channel data captures from 20 to 30GHz or eight-channel data captures from four to 16GHz.

The oscilloscope-synchronisation kit is comprised of a small hardware module that plugs into one of the two oscilloscopes. Once attached, it identifies that oscilloscope as the master for display and control purposes. A variety of other cables for trigger synchronisation, clock sharing and data transfer are connected between the master and a slave oscilloscope. Triggering of both oscilloscopes may be performed in a pseudo-auto trigger mode, or by application of a customer trigger signal.

Upon successful trigger, all waveforms from both the master and the slave oscilloscope are displayed on the master oscilloscope grid for easy viewing, debug and analysis. The complete setup time is no less than five minutes prior to deskewing channels. The Zi-8CH-Synch Oscilloscope Synchronization Kit requires software version 6.0.1.x (or later), but otherwise does not require any further modification or addition to a previously purchased oscilloscope. Delivery time is three to four weeks.


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