SGS Provides Storage Tank Inspection

SGS Industrial Services has introduced remote ultrasonic testing as a service, offering inspection for corrosion on difficult-to-access tank walls and roofs. Storage tank walls and roofs must be inspected regularly for corrosion. General corrosion, corrosion around liquid levels or welds and other mechanisms can attack the integrity of a tank.

However, the inspection work can be difficult and expensive due to the enormous surface area, difficult access and obstacles. SGS Industrial Services can provide remote ultrasonic inspection for tank walls and roofs. With a motorised tank wall scanner with magnetic wheels, carbon steel tanks can be tested for corrosion and weld defects. This method enables remote line scans, remote spot measurements, remote time of flight diffraction (TOFD) inspection and remote visual inspection with a camera that can be steered.

SGS remote ultrasonic inspection does not require scaffolding or cranes and can be implemented on tank walls, even those with obstacles, such as wind girders and overlapping plates. This inspection technique provides detailed data on tank wall thickness with echo-to-echo measurements as required for any tank integrity assessment.


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