RF Connector Uses Deep-Drawn Manufacturing Process

Quadrant has teamed up with IMS Connector Systems to develop a radio-frequency (RF) connector that uses a deep-drawn manufacturing process to conform to strict technical and price specifications. Sold under the IMS Part No 3951.11.1412.231, the new connector is a 75ohm SMZ (BT43) bulkhead cable-mount connector designed for TZC75024 coaxial cable.

The connector was developed to meet the specific demands of a European telecommunications company for use on digital distribution frames. The new design uses the deep-drawn process, a method in which a sheet-metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch to reduce the process time and component count. Rather than having three parts - the body, the spigot and the ferrule - the deep-drawn process reduces this to just two.

The result is a connector that has been designed to comply with the IEC 169-28 (Type SMB 75), that has been tested to IEC 60068-2 environmental influences and that meets the tight cost target and demanding technical specification set by the customer. It is capable of 500 mating cycles and is suitable for use in analogue or digital telecommunications systems.


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