AMS Device Manager Features Usability Enhancements

Emerson's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager Version 10.5 features usability enhancements and further extends the predictive intelligence capabilities of the Plantweb digital plant architecture. AMS Device Manager broadens the support for the Wirelesshart standard by adding connectivity to the new Smart Wireless Thum Adaptor, allowing users to extend their wireless networks to access stranded diagnostics in existing Hart devices.

Developed from Human Centered Design practices and in conjunction with Emerson's Human Centered Design Institute, intuitive device dashboards in AMS Device Manager v10.5 are claimed to provide a simple-to-navigate interface with a clear indication of device health and process-variable status to simplify maintenance tasks. AMS Device Manager v10.5 delivers a complete wireless diagnostics solution - from planning to maintaining networks - to ensure that users receive tangible benefits from their wireless solution.

The Smart Wireless Thum Adapter allows users to add a wireless signal to any Hart device, whether it is a new device that does not offer a native wireless option or an existing device where the Hart signal is not being used for predictive diagnostics. AMS Device Manager communicates with native wireless devices and Hart devices connected to the Thum Adapter and collects diagnostics and alerts in a single application. The AMS Wireless Snap-On provides planning and wireless network diagnostics for Thum Adapters and their connected devices.

The AMS Valvelink Snap-On application works with the Thum Adapter when connected to Fisher Fieldvue digital valve controllers, enabling advanced performance diagnostics on valves in the field. Using enhanced EDDL functionality, device dashboards deliver critical information about devices to users, including device health status and process variables. The visual indication of health and detailed troubleshooting suggestions allow users to spend more time fixing issues and less time deciphering diagnostic information to determine the problem.

According to Emerson, benchmarking comparisons of common maintenance procedures such as device configuration and troubleshooting show an 80 per cent reduction in time spent on those tasks when using device dashboards in AMS Device Manager. Expanded architecture options in AMS Device Manager v10.5 give users more flexibility and connectivity opportunities to streamline their asset management processes. With v10.5, AMS Device Manager can be installed on DeltaV v10.3 or v9.3 automation systems to allow users to upgrade to the newest AMS Device Manager functionality without having to migrate their control systems. AMS Device Manager can now also span multiple DeltaV networks for a more consolidated maintenance approach.


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