NIM Offers Ladle Cups For Die-Casting Machines

Northern Iron and Machine is offering an expanded line of replacement ladle cups and mounting brackets for most model die-casting machines. These cups come in 11 models with capacities from 0.44lbs/0.20kg to 33.70lbs/15.29kg. Ruggedly designed, these replacement ladle cups are heavy duty, 1/4in-thick ductile iron and have contoured shapes for smooth pouring and resistance to metal build-up. Cup surfaces have a texture that is suitable for ladle-coating adherence.

Hanger brackets for these replacement ladle cups have a universal design for left or right side use. Bolt-on design makes it easy to mount and tighten bracket and cup with minimal system downtime. No ladle or hanging-bracket modifications are needed using these replacement cups and mounting brackets. Available for most die-casting automated ladlers including Toshiba, Rimrock, Snair, Advance and UBE, custom ladle-cup designs are also available.

These customs may be based on a customer's own design requirements and may include features such as larger-than-standard metal-carrying capacity, customised hanger assemblies, custom pouring spouts and unique bowl shapes. Northern Iron and Machine also manufactures a full line of clamps for dies and the Versa Ram System. The Versa Ram System frees up die-casting machine seized plunger tips and simplifies retracting ejector plates for access to casting stuck in the dies.


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