DP Exhibits Esprit 2010 At Interphex Event

DP Technology is to exhibit Esprit 2010 at Interphex Puerto Rico, set to take place on 4-5 March at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Representatives from the company will be available to discuss upgrades and perform demonstrations of how to put those upgrades to work. Esprit 2010 is said to offer improvements in the support of integrated multi-tasking, mill-turn machine tools.

All Esprit milling and turning machining capability, from two-axis turning to five-axis milling, is available for any type of mill-turn machine tool, including lathes that perform milling, mills that perform turning, Swiss-style machines and other integrated mill-turn machining centres.

In the 2010 release, support for these multi-tasking machine tools has been enhanced through increased flexibility in cutting tool configurations and orientations, enabling the support of a variety of machines. The newly added support for additional rotary axes (three or more), allows the Esprit customer to program and simulate complex machine tools.


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