Digital Surf Offers Free Surface Analysis Report

Digital Surf, the provider of the Mountainsmap surface analysis software, has announced that visitors to its website can request a free surface analysis report based on their own measurement data. The report will give users of 2D and 3D profilometers, optical microscopes and scanning probe microscopes who are not familiar with Mountainsmap the opportunity to get acquainted with its features for visualising measurement data, analysing this data and generating a detailed visual analysis report.

Francois Blateyron, chief operations officer of Digital Surf, said: 'We understand that some of these users do not have the time, at least initially, to evaluate the software directly. 'This is why we are offering to prepare a surface analysis report that is not only based upon their measurement data but also customised to contain a set of requested analytical studies that illustrate the potential of Mountainsmap,' he added.

Mountainsmap supports numerous surface metrology instrument data formats. It will be possible to request a free Mountainsmap analysis report from Digital Surf until the end of June 2010.


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