Datasound PC Withstands Aggressive Environments

Datasound Laboratories is offering the ACS-2701 box PC, which is designed to withstand temperatures of -20 to 60C, as well as aggressive industrial environments. Essentially a low-power (19W), fanless, industrial computing platform, all of the PC's connectors have IP65-rated covers. Internally there is an Intel ULV Celeron M Processor with up to 1GHz processing speed, which is supported by the Intel GM910GMLE+ ICH8M-E system chipset.

Memory requirements up to 1GB RAM are catered for. High-speed networking operates through a single 10/100Mbps LAN port, a USB 2.0 port integrates add-on peripherals and a DB9 connector provides the usual RS232 communication path. The VGA/CRT output is delivered through an industry-standard DB15 connector. Storage options comprise a 2.5in SATA HDD bay for the free pre-installation of either a desktop O/S, a truly embedded O/S such as XP Embedded, or any other x86 operating system.

The input-voltage range of 11-28V DC enables easy installation alongside other electronic apparatus or a wall-mountable, fully IP67-rated AC-to-DC power adaptor can be used.

It is packaged in a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum chassis with brackets for wall/bulkhead mounting and a vibration qualification of 5-17Hz, 01.G (double amplitude displacement), 17-640Hz, 1.5G acceleration (peak to peak) and a shock rating of 1G peak acceleration (11msec duration) enhances the industrial pedigree of the ACS-2701. Weighing 2.1kg, the system meets CE/FCC Class A.


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