Emerson Releases DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

Emerson Process Management has added the DVC6200 Series digital valve controller to its Fieldvue product range. The DVC6200 Series digital valve controller features linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology. The Fieldvue DVC6200 instrument was designed for applications that experience high levels of vibration, corrosion or material entrapment. The linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology improves reliability by eliminating linkage wear.

The Fieldvue DVC6200 instrument has undergone electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to meet IEC standards and will ship with the CE mark. It is available with either the Hart or Foundation Fieldbus communication protocols. Orica Mining Services put the new device to work in its Kooragang Island ammonium nitrate factory in New South Wales, Australia. Orica supplies commercial explosives and blasting systems for the mining and construction industries.

The Kooragang site has standardised on Fisher valves with Fieldvue instruments. The plant also uses the Emerson 375 Field Communicator and AMS Device Manager with Valvelink Snap-On application software as part of its calibration, valve-monitoring and predictive maintenance system. Orica personnel worked with the local Emerson office to improve the performance of a Fisher valve in liquid ammonia service. The valve's high-cycle service conditions and the ammonia atmosphere in which it operates represent one of the most severe environments in any process plant.

Emerson engineers recommended the new Fieldvue DVC6200 instrument with linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology for this harsh application. Using basic hand tools, Orica's instrument technician Richard Fielding installed the new Fieldvue DVC6200 instrument on an ammonia-service valve. He said: 'This device was easy to install, program and set up. 'It has been operating trouble-free and has enabled this critical valve to provide accurate and repeatable response throughout its range of travel.

'The reliability of the Fieldvue DVC6200 instrument, plus its on-line monitoring capabilities, enables our operators to avoid manual checks and valve repairs in areas filled with ammonia vapours,' he added. Since installing the device, Orica has not experienced any production losses due to valve failures. 'This single instrument application has saved us thousands of dollars,' finished Fielding. Orica plans to order 30 Fisher valves with Fieldvue DVC6200 instruments for an upgrade at its Kooragang ammonia plant.


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