Kaman Selects Fibersim Engineering Software

Vistagy has entered an agreement to license Fibersim composites-engineering software to Kaman Helicopters. The software will be used to streamline the design-to-manufacturing process for large composite helicopter blades by providing early visibility into production challenges and facilitating smooth communication of composite manufacturing data to the shop floor.

Based upon an extensive evaluation, Kaman estimates that Fibersim will enable the firm to reduce ply development time from 180 to 40 hours, a saving of 78 per cent, and average part layup time from 32 to 20 hours, a saving of 38 per cent. Kaman Helicopters will leverage Vistagy's composites expertise by employing its professional-services organisation to help develop and implement best practices for standardising composites-development processes.

Kaman Helicopters is using Fibersim within its Siemens NX computer-aided-design (CAD) system. Fibersim is completely integrated into major 3D commercial CAD systems to provide powerful functionality specifically for developing products made of advanced composite materials.

Kaman Helicopters selected Fibersim because defining ply flat patterns for each ply in a composite design was taking too much time. By implementing Fibersim, the firm expects to significantly reduce the hours required for ply development and layup, streamline its manufacturing process and eventually eliminate the use of Mylar patterns. Kaman Helicopters is using the software to define flat patterns as well as generate data to drive its laser-projection system.


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