Handgun Installs Anchor Studs In 3mm Materials

Profil has introduced a battery-powered handgun that is capable of installing M6 or M8 anchor studs and nuts in materials up to 3mm thick. With a maximum setting force of six tonnes, the portable installation tool is suitable for low-volume production applications, as well as prototype assemblies and vehicle repair work. It is also suitable for general sheet-metal fabrication, heating, ventilation and ducting, domestic-appliance manufacture, building industry, agricultural equipment, electrical enclosures, ship building and furniture applications.

Measuring 440 x 430mm high, the handgun's easily adjusted setting load and setting action ensure correct material piercing and fastener installation under all conditions. The tool will set up to 200 nuts or studs from a single battery charge and can be fully recharged in around 30min. The handgun's magnetic toolholder, combined with a 45mm maximum stroke, provides easy component and fastener location prior to setting. A nominal 3sec setting cycle enables users to produce vibration-resistant and watertight fixings at around five times the setting speeds of conventional fastening methods.

Unlike welded alternatives, Profil's pierce studs and nuts are equally suitable for use with coated or uncoated materials, including high-tensile, stainless and sandwich steels, aluminium panels and magnesium castings. The Profil handgun is supplied ready for use, complete with battery, charger unit and a single set of punch/die tools.


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