Telegan Launches Flue-Gas Analysis Package

Telegan, part of Crowcon, has launched a range comprising a flue-gas analyser, a differential thermometer, a differential manometer, a gas escape detector and a carbon-monoxide room-safety monitor. The Sprint V range, which consists of the five instruments in one small, handheld unit, is designed to assist heating engineers in the safe installation, commissioning and servicing of boilers and combustion systems.

The instruments are manufactured and distributed by Telegan Gas Monitoring and are distributed in the UK through the company's exclusive industry partner, Anton Industrial Services. The package includes the basic Sprint V2 unit with the features already mentioned; the Sprint V3, which has all the functions of the V2 but is also Bluetooth enabled for rapid data transfer; the Sprint V4, which is similar to the V2 but has additional nitric-oxide (NO and NOx) capabilities; and the Sprint V5, which has all the functions of the V4 while also being Bluetooth enabled.

The entire Sprint V range features Smart Purge technology, which clears potentially acidic gases from the unit. This helps save battery, pump and filter life, enables intelligent purging for switch-on and switch-off and allows the purging of gas while other tests are being carried out.


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