Walter Reduces Cost Of Thread Machining Tools

Walter GB is offering the Twin Force combination of Titex drilling and Prototyp tapping as a tooling package for thread generation at a specially reduced price. The Walter Titex X-Treme Plus drill provides machining of up to five times diameter on steel, cast iron, stainless and non-ferrous materials, with an internal coolant supply coupled with Walter Titex's Double Performance Line (DPL) double coating.

Comprising a basic coating to protect the tool and to optimise the adhesion of the special tip coating, the DPL technology enables the tool to operate at greater cutting speeds than usual while offering extended tool life at conventional cutting parameters. This is complemented by any one of three Walter Prototyp taps. The Prototyp Eco-HT tap is a universal HSS-E-PM tap with THL coating and surface treatment, capable of operation at three times diameter for use in both short and long chipping materials.

It offers process reliability without bird nesting and long tool life even at maximum cutting speeds. Prototex Eco-HT has a spiral point form for through-hole thread generation. Paradur Eco-HT has an R45 helix angle, chamfer form C, bevelled thread run-out and long flutes for blind hole threading. Walter GB is providing the off-the-shelf kits for blind and through holes - each equipped with a Titex X-Treme Plus drill and two Prototyp taps - in a range of sizes to suit varying applications.


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