Panton McLeod Inspects Aquarium's Large Water Tank

Panton McLeod has helped to inspect a water tank at The Deep aquarium in Hull, UK. The company provided underwater inspection services at the aquarium in order to check for blockages and damage in the pipes, which are used to pump water into one of the attraction's large tanks. This is the first time that Panton McLeod has provided its services in the tourism sector and the first project involving an aquarium tank.

According to Paul Henderson, operations director with Panton McLeod, the company regularly uses cameras to inspect pipework and to check for blockages or damage in underground storage tanks in the water industry, so it was able to use similar technology in the aquarium tank.

'We used the divers who work at The Deep to take these cameras into the tank and thread them through the inlet pipes, which allowed us to inspect them from the outside for problems,' he said.


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