Autotech Invests In Robot Simulation Service

Autotech is investing more than GBP150,000 to launch a robot simulation service for its clients. The company has purchased Tecnomatix Robcad software to provide a service that will prove robot solutions fully before delivery to site. Autotech is already a solution partner with Siemens, which supplies the Technomatix Robcad software. Andrew Robinson, Autotech's managing director, said: 'We have been providing Automod and Robot Studio simulation for some time, allowing us to test PLC code and develop robot paths prior to onsite work.

'The Technomatix software products will allow us to prove entire integrated systems and generate fully optimised robot paths and PLC code,' he added. The scalable Robcad workcell simulation tool will allow Autotech to develop, simulate, optimise, validate and offline-programme multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes. These include spot welding, arc welding, laserjet and waterjet cutting, drilling, riveting and painting.

Mark Demers, simulations manager at Autotech, said: 'The benefits of comprehensive simulation are clear. 'Development time will be shorter, quality will be improved, manufacturing costs lower and costly design errors will be eradicated,' he added. Autotech has already secured its first order for the simulation service. FFT EDAG Produktionssysteme and Co, a plant supplier to the car industry headquartered in Fulda, Germany, has awarded Autotech the contract to provide Robcad simulation, robot programming and PLC development for the complete body-sides production lines for the small Land Rover - based on the LRX concept vehicle - which will be manufactured at the Halewood plant.

The project will ensure that all robot programmes are fully simulated and optimised prior to implementation at Halewood, providing a link between computer-aided design and the production environment. This contract follows Autotech's implementation of the complete body shop for the new Jaguar XJ at Castle Bromwich last year, which features more than 200 robots and 100 PLC systems.


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