Proton Concept Uses Lotus Hybrid Drivetrain

The Proton Concept car, to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, features an advanced hybrid drivetrain designed and developed by Lotus Engineering. The hybrid drivetrain includes the Lotus Range Extender engine, designed specifically for series hybrid vehicles. The Proton Concept, a plug-in series hybrid city car, has been styled by Italdesign and will be unveiled on the Italdesign stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Lotus Engineering has designed and integrated the complete drivetrain, including the electrical drive system with single-speed transmission, which delivers low emissions, optimised performance and acceptable electric-only operating range for city use. For longer journeys, when the battery charge-level falls, the three-cylinder, 1.2-litre Lotus Range Extender engine is used to replenish the charge in the battery and provide electrical power for the drive motors. The battery can also be recharged via an AC mains domestic outlet to achieve initial electric-only operation.


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