Accelerometers Are Shock Resistant To 2,000g

Inertial Aerosystems has announced a range of rugged, low-cost, triaxial analogue accelerometers manufactured by US-based Silicon Designs. The 2470 range consists of seven models that cover DC and dynamic accelerations from +/-2g to +/-200g full scale. The accelerometers use established MEMS technology and have a temperature range of -55C to 110C. They incorporate three orthogonal mounted accelerometers, with each axis independently powered.

The unit is enclosed in a rugged, lightweight, epoxy-sealed anodised case. Inside is a circuit assembly on a flexible board to help withstand shock and vibration. The devices feature low noise, 0.5 per cent linearity and a power range of 8V to 32V DC. These modules are tailored for zero to medium frequency applications, while onboard voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies. The range is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients.

The 2470 comes with a 1m eight-wire cable and is able to drive up to 15m of additional cable. These products are suitable for use in tough environments where space and weight are at a premium. They are shock resistant to 2,000g (0.1ms). Applications include crash testing, vibration monitoring and analysis, model analysis, robotics, flight testing, machine control and instrumentation.


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