Castmaster Cranes Improve Material Handling

Demag Cranes and Components' Castmaster crane series is a custom-engineered crane system made up of various high-speed Demag crane components. It is designed to improve the speed and efficiency of the material-handling function for concrete precast and prestressed product manufacturers using the Wetcast or Drycast process. The systems are designed to handle all material-handling needs, from manufacturing process through to truck loading.

Demag Castmaster cranes are engineered to handle a number of concrete production applications, including long and heavy hollow-core precast products, lifting concrete walls and slabs in confined spaces, moving large beams in the storage areas and loading trucks. Standard features include an outdoor protection package to ensure performance in any weather and a Demag Microspeed Drive, which gives the operator the ability to precisely place and position the final products.

Castmaster cranes are available as single-girder cranes with capacities ranging up to 30 tons and spans up to 100ft, or as double girder overhead and under running cranes ranging up to 200 tons with spans up to 200ft. Lifting speeds of cranes are up to 150ft/min.


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