Stantronic Introduces LCR Meter LCR-8110G

Stantronic Instruments' LCR Meter LCR-8110G has a test frequency that is ten-fold higher than its predecessor. It can therefore much better simulate the operating conditions of the devices tested. Basic accuracy for all RLC measurements is 0.1 per cent with test frequencies of 20Hz up to 10MHz. In multi-step mode, the unit can perform up to 30 different measurements on one component.

It has a pass/fail function with an acoustic alarm and many parameter options to set. Up to 64 test programs can be stored in non-volatile memory. The characteristics of the component under test can be displayed on an LCD graphics screen (320x240 pixels), with either the voltage range or the frequency sweep on the horizontal axis.

The unit comes with RS-232 and GPIB interfaces for remote control and transfer of test data to a remote computer for further analysis. Various optional test leads and fixtures are available for different component types and 2/4 wire measurements. For reduced frequency requirements, a 5MHz version (LCR-8105G) is available.


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