ODA Opens Public Registration For World Conference

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) has opened public registration for the ODA World Conference in Orlando, Florida, on 4-5 May 2010. The agenda of the conference focuses on the new ODA Technology Exchange, which provides workshop-like offerings from the ODA development team, ODA members and others, and is designed for collaboration, education and cooperation to address the specific requirements of conference attendees.

The agenda also includes presentations on the latest developments in the technical graphics industry, such as SaaS and advancements in the ODA platform technology. Arnold van der Weide, president of the ODA, said: 'This year's addition of the ODA Technology Exchange is designed to stimulate interaction between the attendees, allow further education on the ODA platform by the ODA development team and exhibit the growing number of third-party components.

'This will benefit ODA members as well as people interested in building technical graphic applications with a one-stop platform designed for innovation and further development,' he added. The conference will also introduce a special interest group (SIG) initiative within the ODA. 'Our new SIG initiative will provide an organised framework for small groups of like-minded member companies to meet and discuss new projects and to work with the ODA to bring these projects to fruition,' said van der Weide.


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